What is Sound Therapy?

Sound has been used through centuries in various cultures as a tool for healing. Through the rhythm and frequency of sound vibrations , Brainwave Entrainment occurs to shift our brainwave activities to various ideal states; Alpha( Relaxation, Creativity ), Beta (Normal waking focused state ), Delta ( Deep Sleep State) and Theta ( Meditative, Healing State ).  

Do you know that each of our body part and organ resonate at different frequencies? A healthy human body resonates at 62-78 MHz.

When we are injured or ill, the natural frequency fall out of range below optimal range. Sound Vibrations through sound therapy can reharmonise these parts back to its natural state of frequency for optimal health and wellbeing.
Also, our thoughts and emotions are energy vibrations that affect our state of health too. Many dis-eases and illnesses are psychosomatic, contributed by the negative thought and emotional patterns.

So How?

Music Therapy has been prevalent in many clinical context to address physical, cognitive, emotion and social needs of an individual. eg. Pre-natal development, children rehab, autism, mood disorders in adolescents, heart and neurological illnesses and depression are some of the examples. 
Rhythm and sounds have great depth to entrain certain brainwaves for developing motor and cognitive skills , regulating emotions while creating awareness and connection to self and the world.

Music broken down to its fundamental, Sound, can therefore address multi-layered issues through the purest form of its fundamental frequency and harmonic overtones. Allowing the brain and body to receive and register tones at its purest state for optimal realignment and reharmonisation from a cellular level.

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