Amanda offers a series of sound therapy sessions to suit different individual’s needs. Her continual commitment in deepening the knowledge and application of the study of yoga, sound and music constantly evolves. Through the personal consultations with each client, she finds the right combination for every individual. 

She offers the following :                                             

  • Sonic Flow™ Therapy (Individual Session) :  Yoga & Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy           

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy (Individual Session)        


Sonic Flow™ Therapy (Private 1-1 ) : Yoga & Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy Treatment    90 -120mins

The fusion of yoga and singing bowl is a powerful combination which promotes wellness in strengthening and balancing the inner and outer state of health.
The ancient wisdom and application of both yoga and singing bowls are deep valuable tools that integrates really well for the modern day individual seeking work-life integration or more. After initial consultation, Breathwork will be introduced to energize and balance the prana (energy), specific therapeutic applications of yoga poses would be assigned to stretch and strengthen the physical body according to individual's concern before ending in relaxation. The body and mind is calm, and ready to receive individualised singing bowl therapy treatment . Overall session leaves one more decluttered with the “noise” in our lives, promotes healing from physical pain, stress reliever and a sense of well being is felt.


Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy Treatment (Individual Session)    60-90 mins

Sound Therapy through the singing bowls can help to release energetic and emotional blockages, energise and heal the body, calm the mind and spirit to a state of inner peace. 

Tibetan Singing bowls will be used around or on the body to heal various body pains and aches, relieve stress, and help with harmonizing and boosting the immune system. It aids in brain entrainment, where one can feel relaxed, gain clarity and achieve a state of harmony. It can help Ground and Balance your auric field.The deep healing vibrations of the Singing bowl resonates and works towards a cellular level to aid in the body’s natural healing process. Relax and allow the soothing deep vibrational sounds to leave you calm yet rejuvenated