A safe and sustainable yoga practice is essential to balancing out the dynamic and passive aspects of the practice. Amanda guides her classes in her gentle yet firm demeanour . She teaches privately and in group sessions at various studios. 


Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Be open to new yet profound experience of sound therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls. Amanda conducts personal sound therapy treatments to help with chronic pains, balance energies and unlock emotional and mental blockages through the nurturing and healing vibrations of the singing bowls.

Available for 1-1 private healing, group workshops and sound meditation sessions


Music Release:

'Love And All That is Above' - Out Now!


Amanda is a yoga teacher and musician who seeks to share the healing wonders of a yoga practice together with the ancient art of sound therapy through tibetan singing bowls. 


Sonic Flow™

Very relaxing. Healing. Amanda has great energy and timing. Amanda’s playlist is by far one of the best I’ve heard. Totally homogeneous with the rest of the class.”
“Wonderful experience especially for a first timer, It’s absolutely relaxing and soothing to my tensed nerves! ”
“Cleansing, rejuvenating, restorative.”

Singing Bowl Therapy 

I felt very relaxed and comfortable throughout.
The sound of the singing bowls and the masterful way both in dynamics and timing that Amanda plays them is really easy to focus on and soothes the mind and brings clarity in your being. I felt at ease, like i had a break from myself.

” — Maneesh de Moor, Bali
“Felt lighter after the session. Amanda was very intuitive in responding to me and my energy balances.”

— Andrea, Singapore

“I was deeply relaxed by the aural tones. There was immediate pain reduction in hip, hamstring seemed to have lengthened from its shortened state.

Amanda was real attentive to the details of the session and to the current state of my body. She knew when to go easy on the instructions ( but still being perfectly clear during the initial period of the session )after seeing that I was probably too relaxed to want to hear anything else but the bowls singing .
Giving a tap on both shoulders to signal the end of the session was a very courteous move.


“I was completely new to yoga and Amanda introduced me to the art about 9 months ago. Now, I participate in her classes as often as I can. Amanda has a very thorough knowledge, love and passion for yoga from a holistic perspective. It’s not just about the exercise but also about the inner aspects, breath and contentedness. She incorporates themes for every month, so the classes build up nicely and have consistency. She is an outstanding teacher and guides everyone in her class to explore their personal yoga paths. I am looking forward to many more classes with her.”

— Marc Meissner

“Amanda is an amazing teacher. Her understanding and love of yoga really rubs off on her students which makes her yoga sessions really enjoyable. Amanda does not impose a set routine; instead she focuses on your abilities, whether advanced or beginner, to gradually build up proficiency. I would highly recommend anyone to Amanda’s yoga classes.
” — Louis
Amanda teaches a class that is accessible to everyone, her discipline shines through, with just the right balance of yoga philosophy, anatomy and applicability to today. I have learnt so much, in her classroom and 1 on 1 lessons. Great teacher with a lot of passion.”

— Pearly Soo


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