Class Descriptions
Styles: Hatha Yoga. Vinyasa Flow. Gentle Flow Yoga. Yoga Therapy. Children's Yoga.

Hatha Yoga 
Basic series of postures(Asanas) and breathing exercises(Pranayama) combined together to build strength, flexibility and muscle tone, balance of the physical and mental body. Great for building a good foundational yoga practice.

Vinyasa Flow 
Fun, dynamic flow class with sequences that are practised with the synchronization of breath and movement. This mild cardiovascular flow sequence can help improve blood circulation, respiratory and nervous system, providing a sense of rejuvenation, calmness and clarity while toning and strengthening the body.

Gentle Flow
A less intensed and less strenous modified version of vinyasa. Catered for individuals who wants to take it slower yet be in the meditation of movement. Great for people recovering from injuries, have limitations, pregant ladies, elderly. 

Yoga Therapy
In this modern day and age, Stress has been the main factor in contributing to many of the body's DIS-EASES. It is known that about 70% of the diseases of the body are caused by the Mind. (Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Menstrual , Headaches, Anxiety, Asthma, Musculoskeletal just to name a few)
Yoga therapy is the Prevention and Management of existing body DIS-EASE.

Manage your way into wellness, happiness and a stress-less life through the specialized techniques tailored to suit each individual.
*A specialised personal regime and program would be created to target problem areas based on data collection of personal/past medical history and diagnosis.*

Childrens' Yoga (Suitable for ages 3 and up)

Yoga for Children has been proved beneficial for the child’s growth and wellness in multi-layer aspects.
Through positively conditioning the child’s environment and body from a young age with yoga, they are able to grow up becoming healthy, happy individuals, contributing meaningfully within their communities.
There are many fun, engaging ways for children to discover and learn about yoga and their body through endless yoga games, stories, group/partner work, creative expression and relaxation

Common benefits of Childrens' yoga:

  • Develop Body awareness

  • Develop motor skills and balance

  • Create self-confidence, self esteem

  • Enhance focus and concentration skills

  • Develop physical and mental strength and flexibility

  • Self-regulate emotions

  • Stress management

  • Learning to relax

Rates are available upon request.

See you on the Mat!