Yogalingini is becoming Align Origins Holistic Wellness



It is to my excitement to announce that Yogalingini will change its name to Align Origins Holistic Wellness from May/June onwards!

Yogalingini will then just be associated with the movement branch of Align Origins. 

Things have evolved and change through the times as I took time immersing into the neverending learning and application of various modalities that I resonate deeply in. I am deeply grateful towards each and everyone of you that have been in my class , workshops, and some who have stuck with me through the years and witnessing each other’s growth along the way. 

It is time to expand and accommodate more , to be of service to more people, to integrate the new and old. To offer a new perspective and introduce new ways on living in wellness beyond just the physical practice of yoga. 

Thus, Align Origins is an integration of healing modalities and services such as yoga, sound healing, music production, decluttering while venturing into collaborative partnerships and promoting altruism in raising the human consciousness in a collective Us way , beyond the I's, Me's and You's. 

Why the name? The various modalities are mediums for allowing Re-alignment to happen within us, from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We are all born in purity as a whole happy self but may have lost our way in the course of life. Let us move, nuture, shift, relearn and align ourselves back to the root and origins of our soul for a happy and meaningful life.

Ps. 'Align' is a word play on the name initials too. :)

Here are some of the highlights in this new direction:

  1. Streamlined yoga classes at 2 studios focusing on yin yoga,  therapeutic and meditation classes
  2. Private sound therapy sessions with tibetan singing bowls at new space Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
  3. More sound healing workshops and soundscape experiences 
  4. Declutter and Organize your life- Coaching and tidying sessions in the KonMari Method -  Coming soon! 
  5. More collaborative work and events with various wellness and creative partners locally, regionally and internationally( like the awesome Sound & Ground Telunas Resort Yoga retreat in June and other exciting projects lined up )
  6. A platform to create awareness towards various social causes to encourage a compassionate attitude and encourage paying it forward towards the communities.

If you are or know of any one within the wellness industry that might be interested for future collaborations , do spread the word or hit me up! Super appreciate that. 

As the new website is still work in progress and will only be ready in another 1-2 months, you may direct emails to now onwards! yay!

I look forward to empower and support one in their own life’s journey in wellness and personal growth through these channels I'm so blessed with, so look out for great stuff rolling out slowly but surely .:) 

Are you ready to ride the wave to another level with me?



February 2018: The Season of Decluttering and Embracing Minimalism


It is a standard practice around new year and the lunar new year to clean out the house, spring clean and declutter . 

Are you doing it effectively and consciously? Are you just Cleaning the dust away or truly decluttering and tidying/organizing and taking stock of how much you really own and ask questions like if you REALLY NEED them and be OK to part with the things that don't bring meaning anymore?

Some blogs and tips to get you inspired towards the Minimalist way of lifestyle of owning less and organising your home and life with the Konmari Method of decluttering to invite more Joy and meaning into your life.

Check out the trailer here and watch the full version on Netflix! You will truly start to feel more inspired!


In my fervour of becoming a more organised person, I have read Marie Kondo’s “ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and "Spark Joy" , Konmari'ed my home since 2015 while embracing the minimalist way of life. My life has significantly became more organized with having the freedom of space and clarity.


Physical Clutter = Mental/Emotional Clutter. 

My life motto has always been Less is More. More abundance and joy with the things you want to do with Lesser things and baggages attached to materialism and consumerism way of life. More experiences , Less hoarding.

It is a surprising decision that I signed up for the Konmari Consultant Seminar in New York this April in view of helping people to start organising their home and life with the Konmari method infused with the dose of minimalist inspiration! Yes a new value added service I’d be adding on as I restructure!

Look out for more of these updates in the coming months!

So after Decluttering and sorting things, You may choose to donate preloved items and usable things or dump them in the recycle bins.

Here is a link that provides a few options :

Do you have alot of messy cables that don't work, old handphones/chargers/laptops and electronic stuff that you want to get rid off but don't know where to throw or recycle? I'm so happy now theres an effort by our government in providing these bins across the island specifically for electronic items.

Till the next time, 

Happy Spring Cleaning and Decluttering into welcoming the year of the DOG! 


January 2018 {Guest Post}: What Happens to Your Brain as You Fall Asleep (and What Might Prevent It)

Sleeping woman.jpg

Written by Alicia Sanchez

The brain is a complex organ that science is still trying to fully understand. While many aspects of the brain remain a mystery, there are some things like what happens to your brain when you fall asleep that we have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. It all starts with the stages of sleep.

Making Your Way Through All Four Stages

The sleep cycle is broken down into four stages. The amount of time you spend in each stage varies, but every one is important for getting the rest you need.

Stage 1

You know this stage well. It’s light sleep where you drift in and out of sleep. Eye movement starts to slow, and muscles begin to relax. Though sudden muscle contractions or light noises can be enough to startle you awake.You can still come to full consciousness with little trouble in this stage.

Stage 2

In stage 2, your body temperature starts to drop as brain waves slow down even more. The heart rate begins to slow too. However, you’re still considered in a light sleep stage at this point.

Stage 3

This stage is critical because it’s the first stage of deep sleep where brain waves slow significantly. Sleepwalking, night terrors, and talking in your sleep often occur in this stage.

Stage 4

Finally, there’s stage 4 where you enter REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. At this point, the brain and eye activity mimic those found in the daytime. The eyes move rapidly from one side to the other, and if you are woken up in this stage, you’ll probably be disoriented for a while.


What Might Get in the Way of a Good Night’s Sleep

As important as we all know sleep is getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep can be difficult for many people. There are a lot of conditions and environmental factors that can prevent you from falling asleep.

Environmental factors play a significant role in the quality of sleep you get. Loud noises and audible disruptions can easily bump you out of the early stages of sleep.  You can fight this by turning on white noise or listening to music. Soft, gentle music can help drown out distractions. Music can even help those with insomnia and other sleep disorders to fall and stay asleep longer.

Stress is another factor that often keeps people awake at night. For those who suffer from stress-related insomnia, yoga or guided meditation can be helpful. Both can be performed from the comfort of your own bed. They especially help tense muscles to relax which in turn calms the mind.

The physical environment you sleep in plays an important role as well. Most people sleep best in a room with a temperature between 65-72 degrees. You may want to experiment to find what temperature works for you because some people sleep better at temperatures in the low 60’s.

Turn off the TV, laptop, and other screens at least an hour before bed. Their bright lights send the brain false signals that it needs to stay awake. With all these factors in mind, one of the most important things you can do is be consistent. Go to bed at the same time every night. When you do, you help your body regulate its own sleep cycle and set yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

Alicia Sanchez is a researcher for the sleep science hub with a specialty in health and wellness. A Nashville native, Alicia finds the sound of summer storms so soothing that she still sleeps with recorded rain on her white noise machine.

Tuck Sleep Foundation is a community devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health and wellness through the creation and dissemination of comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources. Tuck has been featured on NPR, Lifehacker, Radiolab and is referenced by many colleges/universities and sleep organizations across the web.

December 2017: What's Ahead?


What’s ahead for you in the coming year?

Are you ready to close the year and begin a new one with renewed freshness or is it going to be the same old?

This year had been extremely challenging for me especially towards the end of the year inspite of the positivity I hold most of the time. 

What happens when you somewhat realise the things you thought you were doing and meant to be start changing towards a different direction? Would you be in a state of panic or a sense of loss or navigate it cautiously and mindfully with an open mind? 

Like “Anatomy of the Spirit” Author Caroline Myss stated: 

“Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.” 

“We often hesitate to follow our intuition out of fear. Most usually, we are afraid of the changes in our own life that our actions will bring. Intuitive guidance, however, is all about change. It is energetic data ripe with the potential to influence the rest of the world. To fear change but to crave intuitive clarity is like fearing the cold, dark night while pouring water on the fire that lights your cave. An insight the size of a mustard seed is powerful enough to bring down a mountain-sized illusion that may be holding our lives together. Truth strikes without mercy. We fear our intuitions because we fear the transformational power within our revelations.” 


It can never be more true and real for myself in these times of changes. A constant reminder is that the opposite of Fear is Love and Courage. It can be a real daunting feeling to take a leap of faith forward into a new terrain... 

I’ve met many acquaintances this year, friends/loved ones who are deeply questioning and re-looking into their career paths and matching them with their life goals or finding a purpose in having a goal etc… 

No matter what they were doing or are wanting to do, it all comes down to a zero point of the Why and What and eventually the How/When will fall in place and synchronicities start happening to bring the Who in place. 

When I realised and stuck with my Why, various Whats' appeared and I tried them all to realise some Whats' may not be suitable or align with my Why in the first place… Going back to the Why and doing things from that space start opening up to the Whos' who may help you in the How and Whats. Haha. I hope I’m not confusing you! The When’s I feel is always Now- in terms of being present and true to your intentions. But building patience in allowing the When in your visions to happen needs some trust and assurance.

Everyone has their own rhythm and pace in life. We do not always need to “catch up” or in DJ terms, “Beat Match” to society’s rhythm all the time. Find your tempo and pace and work with it so you can be the optimal You flourishing in your own essence.

If you might be one of those at a crossroads of making life and career decisions, Reconnect back to your own truths, stay focused and calm while having alittle joy and fun take place all at the same time!

I started out 5 and a half years ago being a yoga teacher, thinking this is the new and only path I’d want to pursue a amongst the concurrent music path. 

Who would have thought my path expanded and sound healing came in the picture in a totally unexpected way. The beauty about opening the consciousness up in a mindful and loving way is that, you never know what the Universe may have in store for you! Much Joy and anticipation has entered my life in a positive way and I trust it can happen to any and everyone if they will open their hearts and mind.

I’m really really thankful I followed my guided intuition in attending the 10-day Vipasaana meditation in Sept because that prepared me for the series of life events that were to come.. It was what grounded me down in managing anxieties, sorrow, grief, quick turn of events, unexpected situations .. Awareness, Acceptance, Letting Go,  Maintaining Equanimity, Observing and Acknowledging without Judging… The events were the Litmus Tests that were critical in making sure how successful I was in applying these qualities in real life. 

Finally being trained to officially teach a full Yin Yoga class after years of immersions and practices was a last gift I present to myself for 2017. I will probably have a separate post on this as there's much to share !  It was a real anchoring point and a confirmation about changes and shift in direction for me.

I am currently undergoing some major shifts and expansion in my consciousness and thus decided to Restructure and Rebrand towards something more holistic in the services I offer. 

I will be taking some time in this process of rebranding and this is just a heads up on what is to come! 

I am really excited with this evolving process and I hope to keep serving with love, gratitude from a higher purpose. Thank you so much for your interests and support in signing up for my newsletter, reading the blog posts, coming to my events/workshops/classes. There is much more to come the year ahead!

I wish you all much love and blessings in this Season of Joy and Celebration. Give Presence to your loved ones . 

"May it be a perfect love for us to give the hopeless" from Landscape Of The Beginning - The Fire Fight




Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


November 2017: Love And All That is Above, A Journey Outwards...

 "The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life" - B.K.S Iyenger

"The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life" - B.K.S Iyenger


Full moons have the effect on shining light on personal truths, making us feel somewhat funny sometimes, or having a project come into fruition in full circle.

This November 2017 full moon is really a special one.

I release a track that I have been working on for months which marks the start of a new musical direction I've been dreaming about as a kid. 

Music has always been a part of me since a young child of 4. I’d love creating rhythm with anything I can hold and enjoyed disturbing my elder siblings during their piano lessons till my mom slotted me in for a session too.. 

Since then, I explored learning in Yamaha Junior Music Courses like anyone else… and finding a teacher I really connected with and learnt the piano till Grade 8 with her.

I was in the choir in primary school and the symphonic band in secondary school playing percussions. 

Music has always been something I’d dreamt of doing since 12.. I was exposed to many different genres of music growing up and learnt to appreciate various forms. 

Aside from the usual pop/rock/alternative/jazz/classical genre I was immersing myself in growing up, another part of music drew me in very deep at the age of 10/11 onwards.. New Age Music, World Music, Shamanic Music, Spiritual Music etc.. 


If you remember the days of Readers’ Digest. They came with a HUGE catalogue of music CDs for various things, books, memorabilia etc.. I got to know about Binaural beats, Brainwave states, meditation music from the catalogs which I still keep.

Come to think of it, Some of the names of the sound therapists and music composers I am learning about produced some of those CDs!






There was a time that TV 12 in Singapore created a compilation CD , “Inspirational Moments” in the mid 90’s. I fell in Love with them as it was a good way to get to know various world music artistes.  Since spending a large amount of time appreciating this genre of music, I found it really intriguing how I felt calm and peaceful when I listened to them, so that got me really inspired to create similar soulful healing music when I grow up. I had the vision, idea, intention but didn't know the technicalities around the subject so it seemed like I had to "wait" for a better time when I am older to be able to fulfil this vision..





In Secondary school, I was being more exposed to percussion and drums and started taking drum lessons outside of school and started getting really crazy about drums and all sorts of percussion from each part of the world.

 Mbira, known as Thumb Piano, usually played inside a huge gourd shell to amplify the sound.

Mbira, known as Thumb Piano, usually played inside a huge gourd shell to amplify the sound.

I was very much into the world music culture .. You could always find me at WOMAD music Festival every year catching these aboriginal , tribal soulful music and got to even meet and hang out with an African musician who played the Mbira ( Thumb Piano) . He gave me one of his Mbira’s and taught me to play a tune with it while he sang along.

It was one of the most spiritual musical experience ever. I was visually brought into the fields of Zimbabwe, while farmers toiled the day’s harvest and celebrated their rewards and hardwork.. vast fields under the sun…..and I’m back in the studio with him. Fwah. 

 screenshots from video of graduation recital , May 2004. 

screenshots from video of graduation recital , May 2004. 


After secondary school, I studied Contemporary Popular Music in LASALLE majoring in Percussions( ironically). It was a niche major but this brought so much learning depth and challenge that contributed to my growth as being a versatile musician although I’m mostly known to be a keyboardist. 

Playing in a community-based percussion samba band (OneHeartbeat Percussions) also shaped the balance of being a classically trained percussionist vs playing with feel and improvisation in a soulful way.

While all that was happening, I was learning a lot of electronic music and production in school and took DJ lessons outside of school with the awesome bunch at E-tracx.  Being an underaged clubber in my teens, I was exposed to so many good dance music at Zouk when it was an era of good quality music being churned out.
Because of my love for drums and world music, Tribal / Afro House music was the reason I wanted to learn to DJ. At that time, there was a famous percussionist, Maniam, who played the Djembe at the ladies platform during peak hours with the DJ and I was really inspired then. Who would have thought few years down the road, I was right where Maniam was playing performing as "The Vibesetters", for Zouk's We Love House Anniversary in 2006. We were a Live DJ Duo created together by my DJ classmate and partner in crime, David Tang, who also carved a name for himself after being champion for a DJ competition. We started playing at every club and many events as he dished out wicked percussive house, broken beats while I play the percussion and keys. We later evolved to "The Synth Experience", experimenting on more electronic based synth stuff. Since then, we started DJ'ing on our own and I still keep alot of this soulful and percussive feel to my DJ sets although some might think its "passe" or not in trend. Well, trends rise and fall, but good old classics stay!

You must be overwhelmed by now with the amount of things I immersed myself to for the crazy Love of Music! 

But..  Of course I knew.. 

There can be only one or 2 things we can focus on each time to be good at… 

So I focused with playing the keyboards with bands ( Throb, Electrico ) for a few years before expanding to adding DJ’ing to the plate.. 

Musically and spiritually I was always hungry to learn and experiment more.. 

I gradually started composing music for some films… 

Online Music Trailer : Faeryville 2015

V1K1- A Techno Fairytale

I also moved away from DJ'ing in the nightlife scene and moved towards DJ’ing for Yoga events , curating and choreographing music to enhance, integrate an uplifted experience for people. As my personal life shifted, so did my purpose for playing and creating music.. 

And something was missing after doing it for sometime….

Through my journey with the singing bowl work, yoga ,meditation, reflection and playing music, it seems that the true nature I set out at 11 in wanting to create music for healing hasn’t really shown forth in its entirety yet. 

 a Great reminder of my sense of purpose with sound and music.

a Great reminder of my sense of purpose with sound and music.

It is there.. but not quite there. I always have been quite a timid, shy person by nature but with a fiery passion inside that I didn’t know how to bring forth out to the world. 

If you have been following my blog, you'll notice there is a process, a progress in the path of healing that no shortcuts can be taken to get to a better place..

I am very very very fortunate and thankful to be able to be doing what I love, with passion and commitment. It hasn’t been an easy journey because it is a path less taken.

I could have chosen an "easier" path in the music entertainment industry that was already in my hands and in my path for a point of time.. I could have gone further to create more fame, fortune, recognition in a commercial mainstream way( which to me was soul debilitating )… but I listened to that 11 year old timid self calling out, and I knew I wasn’t happy. In fact, that life led to a self-destruction mode because I wasn't living a life that I truly wanted and all the self-sabotage patterns were acting up just to show me it wasn't right.

Thus, I was broken by my own experiences, so I walked away from that path, stepped down from the limelight and started leading a more humbled life. I started dressing down, and “norm core” myself so I could just take the public transport with more ease without people looking and talking.. Yes I value my personal privacy and life very much! That is why you won't see me posting nonsensical "attention-grabbing" content. :P

It has been 8 years since turning my back from the mainstream culture...
Well I must say I am soo much happier a person now with the freedom to be who I want and do whatever I feel with good conscience and wisdom. I've learnt to ignore what people think of me and started focusing on what’s more important and it is enough to keep me going.

Music saved my life because in times of depression and anxiety, in times when you feel like the whole world is against you, times that you have no idea about yoga, meditation, or selfcare, this is the simplest but most profound medium for healing. 

Some people are amused about me playing in a hard rock instrumental band vs being a yoga teacher and now a sound practitioner creating music for healing and playing the bowls…..  

Well we have all the facets of ourselves.. the shadow and light part of ourselves to acknowledge and live with!

Creating music and playing with In Each Hand A Cutlass is a very cathartic process of letting aggression, joy, beauty, structure, chaos come together organically with a bunch of people whom love music just as equally . We aim to break boundaries and labels.. like our bio states: 

In Each Hand A Cutlass is not just a band with a fancy name. It is a statement of intent. 

I can’t agree more the same way with my own personal motto as well.

DJ’ing is an expression of putting the eclecticism of my influences and presenting it in a good flow.

So here I am.

Now, creating music for healing is like the light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining, the healing balm. You know you will be supported with it through the process of healing and being at peace. The path of being a singing bowl practitioner and sound therapist has indeed deepen the understanding in crafting and facilitating music and sound therapy/experiences in the objective of shifting the human consciousness towards healing. 

Being the old soul I am and growing up in a generation that believes in paying the dues, doing the work from ground up, to build a good foundation slowly but surely with consistency.. It has taken a long time for me to come to this. Just like the maturing of a good wine or whiskey... It took so long.... to build this musically, spiritually, professionally with courage, confidence and maturity and start showing this side of myself to the world which I didn't dare or want to before. 

I'm not doing this for any commercial reason. I rarely think this genre is anywhere "popular" but well, I just do it with purpose and keep going anyway! 
I don't quite believe in the culture of the number of "likes" or superficial trends of what nots. I just believe in being real and doing it as it is even when everything else fails one day, the rawness and realness will still stand in a timeless effective way. In fact, don't you think humanity is going backwards anyway?  As technology advances... Basic humanity values seem to regress through the crap happening in the world..... what about our consciousness, tolerance, healing, loving and being? We dig up ancient records and go back to ancient wisdom, to understand how the ancestors of this earth lived their lives so we could also get back to being more human and be the spiritual and intuitive individual we can be while living in this highly dysfunctional, technological world..

Think "Black Mirrors" -- It is such a good show about the state of humanity in the modern technological world. 

Human Being.. Being Human.. What does it really take ?

This is my Experience. This is just the beginning of a new paradigm shift. 

From here on, I’d like to share this to the world with intent, love and gratitude. 

Love And All That is Above was part of a final lab project at Globe Institute of Recording and Production. I intended that to be a first song to reignite the vision I had when I was 11. be based on the concept of Self-Love . Love is one of the highest frequency .... no matter where we are at in life, we can always give ourselves more love, then slowly we will build more patience, tolerance, gratitude to the things and people around us... It serves to raise our own meter of Love for the Divine, ourselves and towards others.

Love And All That is Above - Now Available on Bandcamp!

I thank you for your patient reading and openess to read through this personal, sentimental and emotional post. 

May the music bring you peace, hope, love and blessings from deep within. 

Keep it Real. 



October 2017: 10-day Vipassana Meditation

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Hello !

So I am back from the 10-day Vipassana meditation, survived it in one solid piece inside out… and taking the week to reintegrate back to life.

I must say I neither love it or hate it. Perhaps just what is needed. It is both painful and blissful at the same time. 

The experience is unique in its own way.

The centre in Dhamma Malaya Kuantan is nestled right in the middle of plantation grounds. A fairly fast 15 min ride away from Kuantan Airport. 


The rooms, and halls gives out a nostalgic late 80’s /90s feel amidst the greenery.



This is how the typical schedule is :

4:00am           Morning wake-up bell
4:30-6:30am  Meditate in the hall or in your room
6:30-8:00am  Breakfast break
8:00-9:00am  Group meditation in the hall
9:00-11:00 am Meditate in the hall or in your room according to the teacher’s instructions
11:00-12:00pm Lunch break
12pm-1:00pm  Rest and interviews with the teacher
1:00-2:30pm  Meditate in the hall or in your room
2:30-3:30pm Group meditation in the hall
3:30-5:00pm Meditate in the hall or in your own room according to the teacher’s instructions
5:00-6:00pm Tea break
6:00-7:00pm Group meditation in the hall
7:00-8:15pm  Teacher’s Discourse in the hall
8:15-9:00pm Group meditation in the hall
9:00-9:30pm Question time in the hall
9:30pm   Retire to your own room–Lights out

The course is being facilitated through audio and video discourses of S.N Goenka himself. Assistant volunteer teachers are there on site to guide and assist the sittings and available for questions anytime.


Day 1 - 3

Between day 1-3, the practice only consists of observing your breathing inside/outside of your nostrils. It is called Anapana meditation. By day 3, you focus solely on the spot above your lip , below your nostrils and start focusing on feeling the sensations that are always there . 

This trains the mind to be sharp, and its purpose is to progressively move towards the main vipassana technique from Day 4 onwards.


For someone who has fairly some experience in meditation for at least 20mins.. the first half hour was alright. However, needing to sit down 10-11 hours a day with closed eyes.. is a whole new game. 

I struggled a lot particularly during the 1pm sitting as it is probably the hottest and most restless part of the day for me, bearing in mind there are only fans in the halls and rooms. I'm glad the weather became cooler next couple of days when it got rainy.

The intensed shut eye breathing meditation brought out bad headaches, migraines and body pains, especially where there has been some neck issues right before I left. The throbbing pains and focused meditation made me realised that the left side migraine and pain from upper back were radiating from that one spot on the left cervical spine… which strangely disappeared by the 10th day.

I got little thrown off with the teacher’s chanting beginning and end of each sitting. The chanting isn’t anything religious but just positive affirmations and good tidings to create a safe and peaceful atmosphere for meditation. I wasn’t used to his vocal way of chanting as it sounded really weird ( I shall not describe out of respect!)lol

The headaches got most intensed on the 3rd day as we are needing to focus above the lips. It felt I needed to turn my eyeballs in and down to “look” down towards the upper lip area for focus. 

Of course, amidst all that , random thoughts drift in and out, and whenever that happens, I’m supposed to bring it back to focal point. However, my morning meditations seem more successful than afternoon and evenings as I get frustrated and actually start allowing myself to drift away in thoughts deliberately just to “kill time”. Because there was simply too much time on hand.

The lady who sat to my right in the hall left the retreat after the 3rd day morning meditation. I felt so bad as I wished she could haved stayed for 1-2 more days and the body and mind would have somehow gotten used to it alittle better.

Day 4 - 9

From the 4th day onwards, the actual Vipassana techniques were taught. Also, it was the start of "Sittings of Strong Determination" aka Addithana meditation for all 3 group meditations at the hall . This meant no moving of body and posture at all throughout the hour. That was why the first 3 days was critical. The purpose of not moving wasn’t to torture ourselves but to discipline the body and mind in cultivating determination. Of course where there is real deep pain, movement is ok. 

In summary, the meditation progressed from observing breath below nostril to the body scanning of observing sensations from head to toe and vice versa. This starts to open up your awareness to the minute sensations of your blood pulsing through the veins, the breath, the vibrations , the coolness or warmth from the environment or from within out etc… 

They say the root of the mind equates to bodily sensations. Mind and Matter goes hand in hand. The mind is such an intangible and complex thing so one way to find out the depth of the mind is through the manifested physical sensations. Sharp pains and dull aches might suddenly radiate and start throbbing at various places of the body. If there are areas of old injuries or chronic pains, it comes out even more for extended periods.

Like S.N Goenka mentions, Vipassana meditation is a form of deep “mental surgery”. It is not easy and can be a painful process to get to the root of our problems, understand our thought patterns and become clear how they create misery through cravings and aversions and the addictive quality of each. This is tied to the notion that as we dwell into this mental surgery in observance with equanimity, the shit from our unconscious mind starts surfacing up for us to observe with patience and to understand the impermanence of reality. Each moment arises and passes and keeps changing. The only way to be at peace is to be in the present, observing state without judgements, attachments. 

Vipassana Meditation isn’t about knowledge or philosophy or the intellectual understanding of the technique. It is all about practice of it, therefore the 10hours+ of actual practice. We do get times that we are allowed to speak only to the assistant teacher if we have questions understanding the technique and our problems with it. 


Among these few days… I think I had only 2 successful sittings of not moving posture at all. It’s all a process and journey just like the practice of yoga. It’s better not to expect anything much. No doubt there were times that it made me felt really grounded and present within and while I was understanding the inner thought patterns, I was also feeling a sense of gratitude towards myself for making this happen for myself and making it through no matter what.

On the 1st and 2nd day , I teared a lot as the start of “mental surgery” became so real to me I was peeling a layer off to reveal the inner self.

By the 4th day..for the 3rd sitting of strong determination , I actually broke down cause my knees were in so much pain and so much inner frustration and impatience were surfacing out. I have hyper mobile joints + a bad left knee so sitting cross legged for long hours and days certainly left it very sore and vulnerable. My back and neck started hurting so bad too. The point of the practice is to show compassion to oneself too i.e. if it really hurts, it is ok to change position and not compromise on oneself. 

By the 8-9th day, I started sessions with tearing and then sneezing and burping so bad I had to go out clear it out. In the process of the Vipassana meditation, as one gets down to the root of their mind and confronts their own “demons” and inner things, they surface up to the gross level as physical sensations and purges out through coughing, sneezing, crying, pains etc.. You bet the whole hall had been filled with lots of coughing and sneezing for the 10 days. 

It was crunch time for me ; I was cursing and swearing in my mind while getting used to the practice of being equanimous and not get attached to the aversions to the frustration or craving for painless and more quiet mind.

I was relieved when we were notified the sitting of strong determination will end on the 10th day morning 10am and also we were allowed to start talking again. 

When Day 10 came, the intensed part ended and was introduced to Metta Meditation. A meditation of compassion and love to all beings as a soothing balm. By then, in the 8/9th day, I remember being overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude, the workings of forgiveness and of love. I understood then, when people keep hurting each other, they are spreading their own misery to the other party unknowingly. The root of any behaviour or negative outburst or situation arises from the misery of anything attributed to deep rooted unmet needs, cravings or aversions of an individual. When stuff happens, we just react and behave from that place. So therefore I understood how this can be a really helpful technique to go right down to our core and dig out the root of our thinking to eradicate our suffering and misery and start putting healthy seeds in rather than rotten ones.

I found out the lady who stayed right beside me is a fellow Singaporean and we were both glad to be able to say Hello to someone you were constantly seeing for 10 days in and out. It is an interesting way to meet new people. We instantly connected like kindred spirits and started chatting all the way back in flight back home. 


Some personal funny observations during the nobile silence days;

  1. A bell is rung through the speakers 10 mins before each activity starts, because no one is allowed to have eye contact, meditators looked down or straight ahead walking towards the building . This reminds me of The Walking Dead where zombies start moving towards a sound source. I could almost see this whole scene from a birdseye view camera position. 
  2. When there is absolutely no stimulant around like books, tv, phones etc.. People or at least women ( not sure about the men), we all get obsessive about cleaning and laundry each day and hour. Probably because that helps to kill time! Everyone starts checking on their laundry every few mins or hour or so, change the positioning according to sun position etc.. It’s like the most important errand of the day that you do with pride. Lol
  3. Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” kept creeping up and is the main cue music in my head when my thought starts drifting and daydreaming.. and then it zaps me back to observing my breath and body. And then when I start feeling all these sensations… another song comes up .. 
  4. Wet Wet Wet's- "Love is all around" - "I feel it in my fingers feel it in my toes, The love that's all around me. And so the feeling grows” comes up… but only the mind switched it to “ I feel it in my nostrils, I feel it below my nose, I feel it all around me, and so the feelings grows…. “ - I guess it’s a natural musician thing ; there will always be songs to match the exact moments.:P Also. I’m quite the 80’s/90’s generation thus all these classics that is deep in the memory. I realised the fact the mind replays these songs was an opportunity to work on being neutral and equanimous as I gave in to liking it or wanting it , I would start craving for more and thus repeating the vicious cycle . So i just moved on anyway.


For me, food was one of the factors why I decided on Dhamma Malaya as it was just an hour’s plane ride away and malaysian food is just the same as home.

I was very impressed with the efficiency of the staff which consists of old student volunteers. Everything has a system in a very organised way so everyone can be in silence with ease . Notices are posted up at the board each day, food and drinks are labelled. They serve up delicious home cooked vegetarian style food each day. 

Breakfast consists of a variety of porridge, chee chong fun, fruits, toasts, yoghurt, liang teh etc.. 

Lunch is a feast of fried veggies, tofu, tempeh, curry veggie, noodles,rice, soups,dessert soups and salads each day.

A drink corner has an abundance of coffee, tea, milo, ,milk and oats! 

I was so worried there wasn’t gonna be coffee at the venue I actually cut down on caffeine.. but was relieved to have my nescafe each morning especially the first 3 days. As counter-intuitive it might sound, the coffee actually helped the migraines and headaches to go away.

There was only tea break that served fruits and tea/coffee at 5pm and no dinner. thus.. I whacked the milo each day at 5pm with fruits to keep me filled. 

It took me about 4 days to adjust my eating habits because.. I do not move around like I normally do each day for teaching or practice thus I needed less calories. I noticed I was feeling too bloated and heavy each meal so .. I had to spread out my carb intake between breakfast and lunch.  :P


Vipassana Meditation and Yoga 

Vipassana meditation complements the practice of yoga so well as a lot of the concepts stem from the similar teachings.

In the Yoga Sutra 1.2 "Yoga is the cessation of the modifications, or fluctuations, of the mind. “ - The ever present awareness needed to be cultivated within a physical yoga practice of the body, breath and mind is the first and easiest way to cultivate self awareness. And slowly helping to calm the ever crazy monkey mind. 

Vipassana meditation to me seems to be the advanced technique of the How-to have “cessations of fluctuations of the mind” - through the practice of being aware of the present as it is. Self -observation and self-transformation through direct experience of the body and mind and how its infinitely interconnected at each moment of our lives. I kinda wish this is a prerequisite or a compulsory module for yoga teacher trainings because it directly trains and develop the aspect of Dharana (Concentration) and Dhyana (Meditation) within the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Asanas and Pranayama’s are only the initial beginning of a yoga practice. Of course there are a million other techniques of meditation but this seems to me the most practical and accessible one without being spiritual.

It is really pragmatic, and can be practiced by anyone of age ,race, religion, creed etc.. 

Although this is a teaching passed down from Buddha himself, it was never meant to be a sectarian or religious thing. But something that any human being can benefit. It doesn’t “go against “ any faith as it merely helps you gain better Life Skills to manage your inner emotional turmoils. 



I am very grateful I took some time off to learn and practice this technique. I have had valuable time learning and being with myself to understand some parts of myself better so I can ascend and move on as a better being. Like I said, I don’t like or dislike the course, ( practice of Equanimity! ) haha. It will probably take some time for the process and things that came up to settle down and to also keep up with the practice back in the hectic city. 

It was advised to have an annual retreat to keep it going and also to serve as an old student. Would I do it again? Perhaps not for some time… Got to find the groove into this first … And then if ever, I would head to the branch in Kyoto Japan:)

I do encourage to go for this at least once in your life if you are curious and ready! It would be the best thing you can do for yourself. The struggles are part of the process but it just leads you towards all the benefits . You will feel so enriched, enlightened and peaceful. It might take some time for the consciousness to readjust but I am already experiencing some benefits from the tip of the iceberg in the way that I start to understand the process my thinking and perspectives.

Here are some links if you would like to read more into it:

Thanks for reading such a long post! 


Be Happy!


September 2017: Preparation for 10-Day Vipassana…..

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 8.47.31 am.jpg

OK.. so this is really happening! 

Since I made the decision to go for this and been accepted, there has been some form of anxiety around it from time to time as I think about it. 

I’m happy to be disconnected with the world, technology and just be with myself for 10 days.. However….

Sitting down for hours is going to be a physical issue for me especially with my hip issues and joint pains. I can get frustrated and annoyed easily as well.

But I guess that’s precisely what this 10 day is going to teach me… to “see things as it is in a non-judgemental way” Ha!

Attended the perfect meditation few days ago that precisely brings out this notion and has set the tone for the pending retreat on point .

“Quieting the Inner Critic “ - Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditaton with my dearest Desiree Duclos of Float Your Boat Therapy. 

You bet all the inner critique was coming out so loud in the mind it was screaming in my head and manifested in my body. 

I’ve been recently working on some issues surrounding the upper back and heart chakra area…. 

During the session.. the vibrations from the bowls penetrated to where my physical issue was in the left upper back.. it radiated upwards and out really intensely.. 

…some time after the radiating pain moved across the spine towards the right shoulder and out….  So much release happening physically and emotionally !

It seems that the 2 weeks leading to the retreat is filled with a hectic schedule and will prepare to lessen each day’s load few days just before I fly out. 

Here’s what my 2 weeks countdown to 10-day Vipassana meditation looks like:

  1. Cut down on caffeine!
  2. Plan ahead- Make a To-do list for tasks needed to be out of the way
  3. Schedule important meetings ahead of time and keep 3-5 days prior to retreat relatively free and easy
  4. Plan to have a day or 2 of rest after retreat to help slowly re-integrate back into life. Don’t over pack schedule right away
  5. Prepare to inform important people about being uncontactable and give emergency contact of centre management
  6. Spend some time alone each day in sukhasana and breathe … longer duration leading up to retreat…
  7. Don’t over think and drop all expectations about what you have read or heard about from other people’s experiences! It’s good to know some basic idea but let this be your own adventure into your own mind and being. 
  8. Be grateful for this Me-time and the courage to take this up!

Stay tuned next month for my review of my experience at the Vipassana Meditation retreat!



August 2017: Creating New Space...

There isn’t a more appropriate timing in Decluttering and Creating Space than the moment of Now. 

Through the process of decluttering, a new space is created physically, mentally and emotionally, allowing more clarity and capacity to invite the new. But before allowing the new in, the old and dirt within us has to be resurfaced to be let go permanently.

Many of my writings focuses a lot on facing up to your inner darkness and pain, decluttering, facing all the uncomfortable things we do not like about ourselves and those parts we are not wanting to admit. This is part 1 of Decluttering. Part 2 is about the New Space Created. Often, we focus on the life and things we want in our lives but realise how come it doesn't turn out the way it's 'supposed' to be and end up in circles. Perhaps, the space we live in , physically and mentally is filled with junk and stuff that we don't need and trying to squeeze new things in to a full trunk is just counter-intuitive. 

In a bigger cosmic way, there are Huge shifts happening in the Cosmos, human consciousness is continually expanding beyond the 3-dimensional realm. 

Things keep coming up to the surface for us to deal with as it seems the Universe has its way of just needing us to sweep them all up and start breaking it down so we can have a break through in understanding all the suppressed pain, anguish and emotional baggages .

It is now time and the opportunity to learn what lessons were put in place for us to Grow and Mature Spiritually. When we aren’t getting the lessons right, situations will keep coming at us in a similar pattern and we wonder why it always happens. 

It is not just myself going through it but many people around I know are going through some kind of crisis/shift/block/darkness that seems so heavy and sticky. 

It is a critical time to keep pushing on and perservere ,allowing yourself to have all the love ,support and guidance from light, yourself and loved ones. 

We are gifted with the gift of Willpower. Some might eventually choose to stay in the darkness for whatever reason it may be until they have learnt their lessons in this life and some might choose to recognise and honour the darkness and leaving it behind and head towards Light, where healing, love and deeper transformative experiences may come.

Some time ago, I had a meeting with my financial advisor. We usually catch up and share some insights to our life experiences before talking numbers and plans. 

We were sharing about positivity vs negativity and there was a woman who was sitting alone at the table right beside us. She suddenly turned to us and said : “ Sorry to eavesdrop and intrude your conversation but you were talking about negativity vs positivity and I want to know more because I have so much negativity around me I don’t know how to deal...… “ Before we could answer, she started unloading her whole life story about negativity at home and she kept asking in agony: 


"Why is this always happening to me?” 


I felt she was deeply hurting inside stuck in her own thoughts. My financial advisor friend and I almost in unison replied “ What about asking ‘ What do I need to learn from this?” instead?"

Sometimes a subtle shift in the way we phrase the words we think and say transforms the moment’s experience and meaning and opens up a new path way and direction to a path that we may seek our answer from.


Which question would you ask yourself the next time you hit a wall? 


Come by this month's Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Singing Bowl Meditation session as Desiree Duclos and myself bring you a nourishing practice in Creating Space for New Possibilities.


“Consider the possibility now that anything could happen. I’m not asking you to believe this, but only to consider that it might be true. Simply thinking this thought—that miracles are possible—does more to pave the way for your healing than you can imagine. It opens the door to a realm of infinite possibilities, regardless of what you have been through or what you are going through now. "
― Marianne WilliamsonTears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment

July 2017: 10 Years On......

This month marks the exact 10 year mark since I started my first yoga class and embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

I can’t believe time went by just like that. 

It all started with a mini-family session of taking yoga classes together at a small conference room in a colonial house style space at the now defunct Spa Boutique.

The class grew beyond our family and friends capacity and the spa management decided to build a beautiful outdoor pavilion beside the pool to accommodate for more public sign ups. 

I am thoroughly grateful to my first yoga teacher , Yvette Tee who introduced me my first yoga experience through her grounding and nurturing guidance. Her classes are strong, beautiful , graceful and very authentically rooted in the eastern philosophy of living. Typing this out now makes me reminisce about the morning and evening practices at the outdoor pavilion, surrounded by nature, breeze, sunlight, crickets, birds, traffic, the smell of citronella, the water feature at the outdoor pool. I felt really lucky to have had a few good years of learning yoga from scratch at this place instead of sweaty indoor yoga studios! I never learnt yoga with mirrors thus, I am uncomfortable practicing in a studio with mirrors or even teaching with mirrors. 


As I progress in my yoga journey towards getting certified, I'm grateful for the teachers that I have studied with: Kosta Miachin, George Anthony, Ting Ting Peng , Ram Vakkalanka of my YTT days at Vikasa Yoga. The amazing teachers, Manoji and Shivani of Vyasa Yoga, Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga which I am now studying yoga therapy studies with.Lots of great wisdom from the lineages of Swami Vivekanada and Krishnamacharya,  Mira Binzen, of Global Family Yoga for the wonderful skills on teaching yoga for kids. 

My personal journey with the yoga practice have contributed to the 180 degree shift and transformation in life, spirit and existence.

Like many others, I tried yoga in 2007 as an effort to get toner and fitter . I was practising pilates for a year since 2006 before making the switch. 

I was immediately awed with the minimal and simple approach that the practice of yoga requires only you and your mat and a whole load of focus and self love. I appreciated the idea that each pose was named after nature and animals. 

From the original intention of trying out yoga for physical toning and stretch, led to the deeper mental and emotional aspects which I benefitted from.  It has been a spiritual awakening journey since then. 

Being heavily in the entertainment industry then has its own self-destructive way of eating you up. For 3 years around the time I started yoga,  I was on a cocktail of prescribed anti-depressants, consuming them like candies. It didn’t help that I did abused the usage , mixing with alcohol, partying every night while being a heavy smoker. ( Ok don't judge me now! ).
After 3 years into the practice, in 2010, yoga and pranayama helped me get out of my head and into my body, practising more self love and compassion. I was able to reduce my medication usage and by end June 2010, I have successfully quit smoking though using some help from an anti-smoking medication ( on top of antidepressants) . 

By the end of 2010, I have decided to ditch all the pills , and opt for healthier alternatives . I went to a nutritional naturopath doctor that was able to explain more in detail about using natural herbs, supplements and vitamins to help rebalance the hormonal and brain biochemistry. (Eg. Zinc is a great relaxing component for anxiety, too much copper in the body causes anxiety or might present other problems like hyper thyroids etc).

This was the start of my wellness journey from all angles. I began to explore nutritional ways to keep body and mind healthy, signed up for various workshops in health and wellness. I reignited my love of essential oils and began to use them again. I also started learning energy healing , Quantum Touch healing, Reiki Healing and gone to numerous spiritual healing sessions of different modalities to understand the deeper meaning of all these pain, suffering and vicious cycle I was stuck at. 

It seems to me when the body, mind and spirit gets beaten down to its core, a sense of desperation arises. The drugs were numbing me , preventing me from clear thinking and vision. It created more issues and side effects that contributed to more downward spirals. I just didn't know who and what I was becoming... Looking back, by a stroke of luck and divine timing and guidance, my spirit must have had an awakening through that dark times and was always searching for something to go back to its natural state that it knew of.

The practice of Yoga allowed me that particular safe space to feel what I needed to feel, to do what I needed to do, Be who I truly am. It empowered me to appreciate life, my journey and even owning my personal stories and struggles. ( I think this will resonate to many people in their own journey because that's the beauty of Yoga! It allows you to rediscover and reconnect back to your own true self )

Yoga to me never was about the asana’s like how it has blown up on social media. Going to classes then was never about taking pictures of before and after shots or posing for this and that. I loved the practice and shared the practice through speaking to friends and family the wonders of it. I felt really happy just being able to show up for myself on the mat, and noticed the strength and flexibility I felt in my body rather than "looking" at my body to notice the difference.  Embodying the practice was alot more satisfying to me than a picture. Sometimes I dragged friends to come experience with me and it opened them up to another world.
It has always been an introspective practice for me and above all of it, people could slowly see how I became a changed person.  A better person. 

I am personally not in the habit of posting posture pictures up on social media just to show achievements, or a need to receive validation from people because I simply wasn't in that practice or that kind of person.  In fact, Instagram didn't even exist then! Haha

Through the practice of the physical asanas, it reached the deeper layers of the self (5 Koshas), it has allowed me to touch base on the potential of who I truly can be if I show up for myself more. 

In my first years of practice, I didn't have patience for Pranayama and didn't know how to appreciate Yin Yoga. 

Only many years later, I started appreciating Yin and Pranayama which ironically I'm teaching more of these days!  

I think by the time 2010 came, I was taking 2 classes every day . I tried some other classes in other studios, and still preferred the non-mirror studio setting. Slowly, I quit the night life scene as well, Giving excuses that I had to go for yoga class on sat morning so I don’t have to go out on a friday night. 

I am pretty old school and traditional in many ways. I believe to be a teacher, you need to have some years of experience as a practitioner , to live through the struggles and triumphs of the practice(beyond physical) and applying the practice and theory into your own life as an individual before being ready to be in a position to teach. 

It wasn’t till 2012, 5 years into my practice of steady, strong and supple growth in my practice that I signed up for YTT at Vikasa Yoga . 

So…. it has been 5 years since I started teaching… and so much more to learn! The more I teach, the less I know and the more I want to Learn! If you are familiar with StrengthFinder, My top trait is Learner! *No surprises* Hehe

There were Many ups and downs.. I started like a nobody. Not well versed in marketing and struggled with reaching out for an introvert personality like me but slowly and surely I just had to bite the bullet and the experiences teaching anywhere ,anyone until I found a better way and build the confidence.

Did I also mention one of the main reasons why I started teaching is so to conquer my fear of public speaking?

I have always had issues speaking up as a young child, have a soft voice and not able to project my voice and stutter in public speaking context.  So I made a point to teach so I can practice letting go that fear. 

Went through numerous voice coaching sessions , applied it for a few years and I can’t say I am good at speaking now but certainly teaching a few 1000 hours now in total have allowed me to gain a newfound confidence to speak and express myself * Ahem Throat Chakra thingies haha* 

Well.. through these 10 years of practice, I have gone through the phases, of trying to achieve a certain pose, attempting and doing all the “advanced” poses only to come to the understanding and in the phase now that true “advanced” technique is not mere mastery of the physical asana. All acrobats can do that. 

True advanced technique in yoga is the consistency of being still in your mind while living from the Yamas and Niyamas of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. 


Meditation is the goal of all the physical yoga, but is also a great challenge. We all need to satisfy the outward physical movement goals but it doesn’t end there. Those asanas prepare you to be able to sit down in silence so you can be aware of the rise and falls of the thoughts in the monkey mind, so you can bring stillness, peace and exude the ananda self in samadhi state.


So this has led me to wanting to sign up for the famous 10-Day Vipassana meditation retreat.


*Gasps* I know. We probably heard it through the grapevine about this rigorous silent retreat. Meditating close to 11 hours a day for 10 days without any form of contact to the world. Writing, reading and playing music is prohibited. 

I’ve always felt I could do with not talking for 10 days. I’m really a quiet person anyway. But I get into my inner world a lot everyday, reading, writing, planning, listening and playing music…. so I think without these, I’d like to see how far my mind is going to take me before I go mad or some form of breakthrough happening.

Still in my midst of researching which country to go for Vipassana meditation , this will be a birthday gift to myself as I turn 33 years old in a few months! The more I think about it, the scarier it seems and I'm getting a little bit more uncomfortable each day. It's like I wake up thinking maybe I shouldn't put myself through this when I can just have a more luxurious holiday elsewhere. But this resistance I am identifying is the reason that I probably Need this 10 day silent meditation as well. It is the suffering that my mental mind is creating ie. I'm trying to avert myself away and crave pleasure. Haha. 


These 10 years have given me the time and space to discover my true self, to live and express authentically, to be happy and healthy, to appreciate and live simply and more minimally.
It has also ignited the more altruistic , compassionate part of myself I have never seen and explored. All won’t be possible without the deep study (svadhyaya) and practice of the ancient science of life called Yoga. :) 


No matter where you are in your journey, keep getting curious, open your heart and mind to experience, dig deeper than just asanas, appreciate the stillness and quietude, don’t get distracted with noise from the over saturated and commercialised world of yoga on social media. Stay true, go deep, live and share and be in service to the world with your own unique gifts and talents!



June 2017: International Yoga Month

21st June of each Year has become an official day to celebrate the practice of the ancient art and science of life called Yoga. 

In honour of this , I'd like to share some yoga quotes and teachings from the greatest Yoga Masters that has continually inspired me as a practitioner, teacher and an individual in living the yogic and spiritual way of life.

 – T Krishnamacharya   IMAGE SOURCE:

– T Krishnamacharya 


“Yoga is awareness, a type of knowing.”

"Yoga Āsana practiced with long inhalation and exhalation is important. To reduce the disturbances of the mind, to gain mental strength and to increase longevity, Prāṇāyāma is necessary."

"Use Āsana for problems of the body and Prāṇāyāma for problems of the mind.”




 B.K.S. Iyengar

B.K.S. Iyengar

"The primary aim of yoga is to restore the mind to simplicity and peace, and free it from confusion and distress"

"The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It's about using posture to understand and transform yourself."

"The practice of yogasana for the sake of health, to keep fit, or to maintain flexibility is the external practice of yoga. While this is a legitimate place to begin, it is not the end Even in simple asanas, one is experiencing the three levels of quest: the external quest, which brings firmness of the body; the internal quest, which brings steadiness of intelligence; and the innermost quest, which brings benevolence of spirit."

"Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life."

"Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

“Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one's being, from bodily health to self realization. Yoga means union - the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day to day life and endows skill in the performance of one's actions.”



 January 5, 1893 - March 7, 1952

January 5, 1893 - March 7, 1952

"Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world."

"Be as simple as you can be; you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become."

"Yoga is a method for restraining the natural turbulence of thoughts, which otherwise impartially prevent all men, of all lands, from glimpsing their true nature of Spirit. Yoga cannot know a barrier of East and West any more than does the healing and equitable light of the sun."

“TO EVERY THING there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” 

“If you criticize others judgmentally, rather than simply commenting on their behavior impartially, that shows that you have their faults to work on in yourself. By criticizing others, moreover, you increase those faults in yourself. What you condemn in others, you will have to experience, someday, yourself. That is the karmic law. In that way, people are taught compassion.”


 Swami Satchidananda  December 22, 1914 -August 19, 2002

Swami Satchidananda
December 22, 1914 -August 19, 2002

"The five points of yama, together with the five points of niyama, remind us of the Ten Commandments of the Christian and Jewish faiths, as well as of the ten virtues of Buddhism. In fact, there is no religion without these moral or ethical codes. All spiritual life should be based on these things. They are the foundation stones without which we can never build anything lasting. (127)” 

“Mere philosophy will not satisfy us. We cannot reach the goal by mere words alone. Without practice, nothing can be achieved. (3)” 

"Though we can't always see it at the time, if we look upon events with some perspective, we see things always happen for our best interests. We are always being guided in a way better than we know ourselves."

"Let us accept all the different paths as different rivers running toward the same ocean."


"Be happy for those who are happy, have compassion towards the unhappy, and maintain equanimity towards the wicked."

"Seated posture should be steady and comfortable."




 Swami Vivekananda  12 January 1863 - 4 July 1902

Swami Vivekananda
12 January 1863 - 4 July 1902

"You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul."

“Learn Everything that is Good from Others, but bring it in, and in your own way absorb it; do not become others.” 

"BY the study of different religions we find that in essence they are one. "








May all be blessed with love, light and enjoy the journey of the practice!