A new sensation never experienced. I suffered from chronic SI joint pain. In the session, I started exerting control over the muscle on the joint, a contraction which is improving my condition. Amanda was in the flow!
— John, Singapore
Calm, relaxed and floating and empty (in a great way).
— Milena, Eritrea, Africa
Relaxed and in deep sleep; At the start I heard the sounds and felt the vibrations through my body but later went into deep sleep. Felt refreshed, thought it was less than an hour I felt as if I had slept all night.
— Subba, Singapore
I really enjoyed the session. Felt relaxed; slept very well the following day.
Amanda explained the process and theory behind the bowls prior to the session; during the session, I was more focused by the feeling of the bowls than the presence of the facilitator; very good.

— Louis.F

I approached the singing bowl therapy session with an open mind, and was immediately feeling calm and relaxed with the melodious tones enveloping me. The vibrations from the singing bowl could be distinctively felt, and that resonated with the body in serene, massaging waves. I was pleasantly surprised at how the carefully chosen tones in each bowl integrated with my senses. It was soothing.

I had a targeted treatment on aching and tensed shoulder and neck muscles, and even though it was my first try with the singing bowls, somehow the vibrations and soundwaves felt familiar, natural and organic. It worked for me on two fronts, with the physical vibrations relaxing the muscles, and the singing tones relaxing the mind, which further released the physical tensions.

Coincidentally, I was having a bout of flu and bad cough that week, and every night as I laid down, my throat would immediately feel itchy and I would have to cough uncontrollably; many people would be familiar with this feeling. Fearing the same would interrupt the session, I was surprised when after the initial coughing discomfort, my body relaxed enough and I felt that worked better than the cough mixture I took nightly that week. That was the biggest surprise for me during the session.
— Shawn.P, Singapore
I was deeply relaxed by the aural tones. There was immediate pain reduction in hip, hamstring seemed to have lengthened from its shortened state.

Amanda was real attentive to the details of the session and to the current state of my body. She knew when to go easy on the instructions ( but still being perfectly clear during the initial period of the session )after seeing that I was probably too relaxed to want to hear anything else but the bowls singing .
Giving a tap on both shoulders to signal the end of the session was a very courteous move.
— Marcus.C , Singapore
Relaxed. At some points I gradually started to feel gastric-like pains in my abdomen, but that eased out. Thoughts were intitially busy but slowed down and I fell asleep at some points. I felt calmer ,more at ease and stretched out, emotionally.
Amanda was very thoughtful, skillful and professional. The room was very comfortable and appropriate for the treatment.
— Josh.T, Singapore
I don’t have much experience with these type of therapies but I liked it a lot. I felt very good, calm and relaxed. Knee pain was gone. Amanda was gentle, nice and explained things well.
— Julia.M, Singapore
At first, there was a strong sense of awareness as I’ve never heard or experience vibrations of this sort.I slowly got more relaxed and zoning out at times.
I felt much more calmer and physically less tensed, still hearing the vibrations in my head after the session. Almost felt like there was no one around at times as the bowls were played at a constant pace.
— Leon.W, Singapore
Very relaxed, calm and comfortable! Felt more present.
— Laura, Singapore
Felt lighter after the session. Amanda was very intuitive in responding to me and my energy balances.
— Andrea, Singapore
Relaxed, well rested with tingling senstations. Amanda was calming and helped put me at ease.
— Caroline.L, Singapore